Around export of Japanese used cars

Around export of Japanese used cars National highway No. 8 which a Pakistani began, used car stores more than 150 link the eaves. It is said that business is not managed as for 30 stores, the merely most as for 120 stores, a Japanese running it a Pakistani. As for the figure of power of the used car business, a Pakistani overwhelmed a Japanese. According to the Pakistani, it is about a Pakistani that I fixed on the export of Japanese cars scrapped in Japan for the first time. It is beginning one Pakistani settles down in Kanto 20 several years ago, and to have exported used cars looking like a junk car to the Near and Middle East.
And a Pakistani alone at once emigrates to Toyama 14 years when used car export for Russia began in in Toyama ago and hardens a base of the business, and it is said that I called a countryman. The buying and selling of the car is all cash of the dollar. A roll of bills of thick 100 dollars is easy, and it is put when I enter the office of the used car store. In an office, it is totally a foreign country. The TV program which they watch is satellite broadcasting of Pakistan. As for visiting the shop, the Pakistanis of a Russian and the countryman of the visitor are often found. In the shop, "only "Urdu" (Pakistani word) and Russian" are spoken. The used car supplier is troubled with the damage that the parts (headlight, car stereo) of a used car and the used car put in the shop are stolen.